Taking Proper Care of Your Office Copier Can Enhance Performance

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Proper care for your office copiers is one of the most important things to remember so as to keep lasting for its lifetime and lowering maintenance cost. The most common problem would be paper jams. While they are frustrating and time consuming, they are inevitable. But there are a few hints to make the less frequent and make your office copier functioning to it fullest capacity. Here are some quick steps for better performing Michigan office copiers.

A paper jam is when the paper gets caught up during printing. It occurs for a number of reasons, one of which might be the paper tray is filled with too much paper. You have to fill-in the tray with only the correct amount of paper, nothing more or less.

Start care at the exterior level. This may indirectly help in prolonging issues of your office copiers. Getting the machine slammed with whatsoever reason may slow down its performance rate. People tend to abuse the machine's usage and the best way to keep it running is to avoid it getting outer layer dents. Use a dry cloth to wipe dust particles. You can use a lint-free damp cloth afterwards to remove fingerprint smudges and hard dirt. A mixture of liquid (or dish) soap and water would be most appropriate when removing dirt as well. Just gently scrub onto it, avoid not to scratch it. Afterwards, do one last wipe down with a dry lint-free cloth and apply some spray-on polish.

For the paten glass, you can opt to use again lint-free cloth and a small amount of water. A regular mild glass cleaner would also be great but only if you think that it is necessary (or when there is stubborn dirt stained on the glass). Never use an all-purpose cleaning agent for it will damage the anti-static coating on the paten glass. Use a dry cloth for the final wipe.

For the interior of the office copier, a dry lint-free cloth will do. Open the inner panels and wipe the visible area. Remove all stains, paper and toner residue. You can opt to use a can of compressed air for hard-to-reach areas. Do this very lightly so as not to end up moving the dust around instead of removing it. Use a dry cloth for the final wipe as well. For the rollers, a damp lint-free cloth can do the job. The rollers can accumulate paper dust and toner residue which causes paper jams. Cleaning it might make the difference after-all.

Keep your office copiers clean inside and out and minimize the issues you have which eventually leads to consistent usage because it isn't slowed down with problems, and creates a more productive work environment.

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