This Is YOUR Economy - Go Get It!

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This economy is made for anyone who is passionate about what they do, the business they promote or the service they offer. This is a Trust & Value Economy -- an economy that has consumers desperately looking for and seeking out services they trust, products that have value, and people with whom they can connect.

In fact, this economy is all about connection -- emotional connection. The better you are able to understand and relate to your customer the more successful you are going to be -- period!

Are you ready, are you prepared? Have you made the changes to your sales and marketing strategy that you need to make? According to Gary Vaynerchuck (author of 'Crush It' and 'The Thank You Economy') our grandparents are actually better prepared to succeed in this economy than we are. Wow! Why? Because they did business in a time when it was all about building relationships and making connections. They understood their customer and they understood their market. They wrote the book on how to engage, build trust and add value. Now it is time for us to get it out and start reading.

Somewhere in the last decade, the importance of soft skills slipped away, replaced with assertive techniques, pushy sales, and persistent follow-up. Well, luckily for both our customers and ourselves, the arts of conversation, relationship and connection are back. They're back and they're working.

If you want to succeed in this new economy, if you want to make this YOUR economy, then you need to take a second look at your sales techniques, your marketing approach and your customer's experience. You need to make sure it is rooted in emotional connection, engagement, trust and value.

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